Judgemeadow Community College

Working together to ensure the highest quality education for each individual pupil through a culture of continual improvement"

Inclement weather hindered production at the start of the project, but with good management and attention to programme interfaces, the opening date was still achieved. Judgemeadow was handed over on 1 st June 2009.

Judgemeadow benefits from design which allows the space to be flexible, creative and dynamic.  

Features include:

Reflecting the college's specialism in language, the entrance features a large granite globe, ‘welcome' written in 12 languages, a wall-sized map of the world and plasma screens showing events taking place in real time across the world.   

Bio-mass boiler, daylight switching

Reorientation of the building resulting in views across the valley from the dining and communal spaces.

Fully wireless classrooms, enabling staff and students to work from different locations within the building; cashless catering; electronic library systems, e-registration and interactive whiteboards.


Judgemeadow Community College is an exciting, expanding, multicultural 11-16 college with over 1200 students, situated on 65 acres in Evington on the outskirts of the city of Leicester.

LMEC have constructed a predominantly new school of just under 12,000 m² at a value of just under £16m. The new school will provide an exciting environment enabling the school to make the most of its specialism as a Centre of Excellence for Languages and Internationalism.


This steel framed building with concrete floors and standing seam steel roof, is predominantly clad in brickwork with some Kingspan panelling and curtain walling.


"Goethe said 'Architecture is frozen music' and Judgemeadow is going to be Beethoven's Ninth - joyous, magnificent and inspirational."
David Powell, Principal, Judgemeadow

Ellie Tobin, 12, said: “The views are going to be really nice. How many schools have views like that? Everyone has had a say in the design of the building, so I'm really excited”
Quote Credit: Leicester Mercury

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